About Us

Fabric is one of the most relevant heirlooms of our culture. Their threads piece together a colourful tapestry of traditions and stories.

Ceremonies. Customs. Legacies.

We believe in preserving these stories and keeping them relevant in a fast changing world. Holy Fabrics is all about handing over to the next generation what many before them have revered and cherished - a sense of getting closer to the divine.

Our Humble Journey…

Our beginnings were like our core values - simple, elegant and with zeal to serve. The Almighty has a plan for each and every one of us, and perhaps it is by this great plan that our family who started off as traders of cotton fabrics in 1948, branched off into a worthier path. We’re not just people who trade in fabrics used in religious ceremonies. It’s not just fabrics that we deal with. It’s a lot more. It’s the creation of a prayerful ambience for that significant moment when people connect with their Creator; that powerful infinite moment of sheer grace. And nothing but the best and the most elegant will do for moments such as these. 

Our Excellence over the Period….

Right from idols to backdrops in religious establishments, our fabrics have adorned the embodiment of the sacred in many ways. Perhaps that’s the reason why regardless of the faith, be it temples, churches, mosques, etc., our fabrics are unanimously preferred and thus present.       For over a century, we have understood the aesthetics and the nuances of various religious sentiments and have worked hand in hand with them to keep their traditions alive. It is this dedication that has made us into a global entity. Our commitment to quality and excellence has helped us carve a niche in India and abroad.